Right-brained? Left-brained?
No... Center-brained.

Spiral Design Studio is a full-service graphic design and marketing firm serving national and regional clients since 1989. The Spiral Design team expertly balances creativity and innovation with marketing strategy, logic and analysis. It's this center-brained approach that helps our clients to reach their corporate objectives through marketing that's engaging and effective, tactical and targeted, meaningful and memorable. 


Embracing the power of collective creativity, the Spiral Design team is hands-on, contributing decades of expertise, experience and vision to every project. We work cooperatively with clients as valued partners and critical members of our creative team. From studio brainstorming sessions to team reviews of each creative stage, our collaborative approach provides each employee and client with a voice that counts and the confidence to take the creative risks required for success. In short, we're just better together.


Throughout the firm’s growth, we've retained a fervent commitment to community, as demonstrated through our ongoing involvement with numerous charitable and non-profit organizations. Spiral Design’s “Community By Design” grant program awards community non-profits with up to $100,000 in pro-bono design and marketing services annually. Through this endeavor, we hope to make a lasting difference for the selected organizations, as well as the communities they ardently serve.


With a passion for thought-provoking design and emerging technologies, we continually strive to better our best. Blending experience with ingenuity, we take what we know, try something new and, when appropriate, push the been-there-done-that boundaries. We become our clients' hands and eyes — an integral part of their marketing teams. We're not just a vendor. We're your arm-in-arm partner in brand strategy, digital marketing, print and graphic design, social media marketing, and, ultimately, corporate success.

Simply said… We love what we do.
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