Email Marketing & Strategy

Email Marketing & Strategy

Give them email they can't wait to open.

Email marketing is a cost-effective solution for engaging and retaining existing customers, as well as enhancing your site's SEO. But you have to be smart with both your design and deployment strategy.

Consider both computer and mobile viewing. Embrace audience segmentation and email personalization. Keep content short, scannable and action-specific. Avoid spam triggers. Offer customers a compelling reason to read on and click-thru. Analyze your results, from clicks to opens, to improve your email marketing.

With years of successful email design and strategy for some of the nation's top brands, Spiral Design can help you to create effective email campaigns that bring value to both your customers and your company.

  • Email design
  • Email analysis & strategy
  • Online surveys
  • Email sweesptakes
  • Personalized URLs

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