Stacks Coffee Roasters

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Bold flavor. Bold packaging.

Stacks, a quickly-growing chain of espresso bars in the northeast, sought a bold new packaging system for their equally bold line of product. Dedicated to the craft of coffee and exploring the rich elements that make coffee beloved the world over, it is Stacks’ mission to expose their patrons to unique, diverse and multi-faceted blends sourced from equally diverse roasters across the globe. With a range of blends across multiple shops, the need for a cohesive packing and labeling system was critical to to unite the brand.

Stacks Coffee Roasters | Front and Back of Coffee bag
Stacks Coffee Roasters | Stacks Coffee Bag
Stacks Coffee Roasters | Unique Coffee Packaging Bags
Stacks Coffee Roasters | Rachel Baxter CoLab Mural and Coffee Packaging

Leveraging artist Rachel Baxter's mural in Stacks' co-working space as the starting point for the packaging, it's bright and rich palette of angular geometry was the source of inspiration, wrapping the bags and to serve as identifiers across the line of coffees.

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