City of Cohoes

Government & Tourism

The Spindle City celebrates 150 years

Spiral proudly partnered with our home city of Cohoes to create an anniversary logo in celebration of it's esteemed 150th year of incorporation and to correspond with the inauguration of Mayor Bill Keeler on the 1st of the anniversary year.

The identity illustrates a modernized view of Cohoes' iconic falls, reflecting the positive and radiant trajectory of the new administration and the city's bright future.

City of Cohoes | City of Cohoes 150 anniversary logo
City of Cohoes | Innauguration of Mayor Keeler
City of Cohoes | design application to Water tower
City of Cohoes | Logo Stamp
City of Cohoes | Applications to shirts and coffee mug
City of Cohoes | Logo Applications
City of Cohoes | Enamel Pin Application
City of Cohoes | Tote Bage Application