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Can investing in community strengthen a firm’s fabric?

Initially redesigning Fenimore Asset Management’s logo and complete suite of marketing materials in 2012, we once again teamed up with Fenimore's director of marketing to further modernize the brand and streamline Fenimore’s client-facing materials.

Since their establishment, Fenimore's logo has been a combination mark incorporating a quilt square representing both their mission of service, ethics and prudent advisement as well as the company’s historic location as a textile mill. With this newest evolution we of course needed to maintain the strong brand recognition built over the years, but foremost it was essential to elevate the firm and position them as an industry flagbearer for the new decade.

Fenimore Asset Management | Fenimore Asset Management Logos

Prior to introducing the brand that is seen today, we first developed a refined version of the logo that was a shorter departure from our initial 2012 redesign and systematically Fenimore began to introduce it along with redesigned materials so the transition would be less of a jump.

Fenimore Asset Management | Logo History 1
Fenimore Asset Management | Logo History 2

FAM Funds is a product or suite of Funds offered by Fenimore to individuals and families, but with a logo that had a very similar treatment and weight as the overarching brand it may have given the wrong impression. Spiral created a sub-brand that while still in line with the overarching brand, had its own unique logo, color palette and imagery.

Fenimore Asset Management | FAM Funds Logos
Fenimore Asset Management | Stationery

Spiral developed a comprehensive brand guide for Fenimore and applied its strategy to every aspect of their outward appearance including a full stationery suite, advertising, annual reports, fact sheets, newsletters, emails, presentations, pitchbooks, forms, social media, and a new fully mobile-optimized website that is currently in development.

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