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Logo Design & Brand Identity

Set your brand apart with a logo and a look that's uniquely you.

Your brand is arguably the most important asset your business owns. It sets the standard for everything that follows and is the base from which your website and any other marketing material is created. It is who you are and what will give the public their first impression of you.

Our Process

Our collaborative team approaches every client — from mom-and-pop shops up to Fortune 500 companies — the same way. Whether you’re creating your brand from scratch, or you’re ready for a refresh, our approach starts with meeting your team and getting a feel for what your brand represents and what you hope to achieve. 

We’re here to help you figure out how best to represent yourself to the world. Together, we’ll develop an engaging, appropriate and recognizable logo mark, complete with specific corporate colors and brand standards manual, to help you build a stronger, more consistent brand experience.

Let us help you tell your customers who you are, what you stand for, and where you can take them.

Logo Design & Brand Identity Capabilities

Brand Audit

Understand and get the fundamental insights into where your brand currently stands in the marketplace with a detailed analysis of how your business is currently performing.

Brand Identity

All the visible elements and touch-points of your organization or company that identify you and connect with your audience to distinguish your brand in their minds.

Logo Design & Evolution

Your logo is a critical element of your company's visual identity and serves as the unifying element in your marketing, summing up all that your business stands for.

Product Identity

The overall personality of a product. The visual encapsulation of everything a product represents to its consumer.

Logo Animation

Breathe life into your logo with animation, where the personality of a brand can your overall identity more vitality than ever before!

Brand Guidelines

The guidebook is a blueprint for how your brand should be communicated. This set of guidelines establishes the overall voice and tone of your new identity and is useful when using outside vendors that will be working with your logo.

Corporate & Product Name Development

Much like a logo, an effective name conveys a brand's unique position and attributes and is a crucial step in determining its success in the marketplace. 

Tagline Development

The creation of a simple, dynamic and memorable phrase that evokes emotion and represents the essence of your brand and what you stand for.

Tone of Voice

Develop a clear and relatable written and spoken language that stands out and is an expression of your company’s values and way of thinking.

Let us help your audience know who you are, what you stand for, and where you can take them.

30+ Years of Logos

We specialize in creating that unique logo, mark, icon or illustration right for you. The one that captures the essence of your brand and will become the heart and soul of your company, product or service for years to come.