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AngioDynamics connected with the Spiral team to conduct a Brand Discovery session to understand their internal and external marketing challenges and to organize their marketing efforts more effectively. Our team determined that the website and other marketing channels were too product-centric and did not speak to the end-users of their product and the sales teams needed a better tool to communicate their products to prospective clients. This work would have an impact on internal as well as external communications as it would be the basis for creating a unified team voice to foster positivity and growth.

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The Spiral team conducted in-depth interviews on-site at AngioDynamics’ headquarters with various teams to find where they all agree and discover discrepancies. From there we worked to humanize the site with patient case study videos and physician and patient imagery.

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This custom website showcases the varied high-tech products and high-level customer care that the brand represents and addresses the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

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After the successful launch of their primary website, Spiral was asked to create their “Clinical Research” website. This site showcases their internal and external clinical studies, displaying their dedication to innovative solutions that improve patient care and deliver better treatment options.

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