Kinderhook Bank

Creating a brand vision for a hometown bank

Kinderhook Bank sought to embrace their brand and focus their marketing in an effort to take advantage of recent bank consolidations, which provided potential business growth. Spiral conducted in-depth marketing assessments and research into the Kinderhook Bank brand and existing branches, culminating in a detailed vision board and advertising recommendations. Based on this work, Spiral developed a suite of advertising materials that could be utilized as marketing opportunities arose. Spiral continued to work with Kinderhook Bank on print materials for major announcements.

Kinderhook Bank | Billboard

Kinderhook Bank needed a friendly and inviting way to announce the acquisition of Patriot Federal Bank. Spiral used brand elements from each bank to provide recognizability and reassurance that the change would not be a disruption to the customer’s way of banking.

Kinderhook Bank | Print Materials
Kinderhook Bank | Branches 1
Kinderhook Bank | Branches 2

After visiting a number of Kinderhook Bank’s branches, we were able to see that with the varied architectural styles and atmospheres between them there were opportunities to unify.

Kinderhook Bank | Moodboards
Kinderhook Bank | Advertisements