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Print Design & Packaging

Ink. Paper. Creative magic.

While we certainly won’t deny the remarkable capabilities and results of online marketing, print still holds its own by presenting a unique opportunity. When done well, print marketing is a compelling way to get your brand directly into your customers’ hands.

Our Process

From concept to execution, our design team cut their teeth with printed marketing. We love the scent of fresh ink and can't wait to share that passion with our clients. We'll help take the guesswork out of who’s going to see your marketing and provide a concrete way to KNOW that your customer is seeing you and thinking of you. A printed piece leaves plenty of room to get creative and detailed in your messaging, and will be sure to leave a lasting impression with anyone who receives it.

To become an industry leader or to stand out against your competition, your audience needs experiences with your brand that will leave a positive and lasting impression. We are proud to offer creative product and packaging design that allows your audience to experience your brand in a unique and strategic manner. Every touch-point and tactile encounter will influence how they feel about you, your products and/or services. From A4 flyers for our European clients to Z-fold brochures for our local small businesses, we'll design for it all.

Print Design & Packaging Capabilities

Signage & Wayfinding Systems

Build a strategic navigation system that will adapt to your built environment and inform people of their surroundings and it's the relationship to a brand.

Marketing Collateral

Support the sales or promotion of your product or service with brochures, sell sheets or any printed sales support tools.

Internal Corporate Collateral

Communicate with your team in a clear and consistent brand voice, from the mission/vision board that hangs on your wall for daily inspiration to a new employee welcome kit.

Product Packaging

Present your product appropriately and creatively with packaging that will set you apart from your competition. Apply our creative thinking to any pre-existing packaging format to elevate it from average to amazing. 

Event Marketing & Promotion

Impress potential attendees with an intriguing invitation using printed methods... traditional paper, custom dimensional packages, advertising or direct mail.

Dimensional Marketing

A non-traditional way to get the attention of a potential customer or to thank someone for their business. Dimensional marketing can be unique paper engineering or a curated collection of items packaged to your brand specification.


A tactile way to communicate with your connections. Sometimes transactional, sometimes personal...from letterhead, envelopes and business cards to note cards and pads.

Books & Publications

Cover to cover design for your upcoming book release, magazine launch or redesign, product catalogs, etc. 


Whether plastered on a city wall or carefully installed on mass transit lines, a well-designed poster will touch your intended audience. For upcoming art exhibits public service announcements and everything in between.


Take your complex information and present it in a visually compelling and easy-to-understand infographic. Certainly better than that 5-paragraph-long document you were thinking of sharing :-)


Get your message out in printed mediums such as newspapers, magazines, event programs, trade publications, billboards, bus wraps, and more!

Campaign Development

Develop the right voice for your campaign with creative messaging and engaging visuals. Then apply liberally to everything!

Tradeshows & Banners

Anything from a simple backdrop behind a table to a more elaborate space that visitors can explore at your upcoming trade show.  

Let us help your audience know who you are, what you stand for, and where you can take them.

30+ Years of Logos

We specialize in creating that unique logo, mark, icon or illustration right for you. The one that captures the essence of your brand and will become the heart and soul of your company, product or service for years to come.