Stark & D’Aprile

Future-proofing an asset to our community

As the second oldest continuously operating business in Cohoes, NY, Stark & D'Aprile, Certified Public Accountants, PC has a rich history of providing accounting and financial services to our community. With Vice President Amanda D’Aprile joining her Mother and President Marie Stark as a firm partner, Spiral was thrilled to assist our neighbors across the street with a refreshed and updated brand to reflect the future-forward outlook of the 90-year-young firm.

Stark & D’Aprile | Logo

With their new name, Stark & D’Aprile sought a mark representing their reputable and professional firm in a creative, classic, and timeless monogram.  

A full stationery suite was developed to complement the new logo and elevate every touch point of Stark & D’Aprile’s client communication materials.

Stark & D’Aprile | Stationery
Stark & D’Aprile | Business Card
Stark & D’Aprile | Foil Stamped Envelope
Stark & D’Aprile | Window Logo
Stark & D’Aprile | Pen
Stark & D’Aprile | Invoice Labels
Stark & D’Aprile | Exterior Signage

A simple brand guideline outlining the logo versions, color palettes, typography, and usage provided Stark & D’Aprile with direction for maintaining the new brand’s integrity across any materials not covered with the rebranding package.

Stark & D’Aprile | Brand Guidelines
Stark & D’Aprile | Embossed Logo
Stark & D’Aprile | Knockout Logo
Stark & D’Aprile | One-color Monogram versions

Having designed and developed the firm website prior to the name change, Spiral re-skinned the site with an updated look and feel in concert with the fresh visual identity created around the new logo.

Stark & D’Aprile | Website
Stark & D’Aprile | Mobile Website