Yankee Trails

A vision of travel meets entertainment

Yankee Trails had a specific vision in mind — to have a singular mobile-optimized website that provided value to all of their users, no matter their location, and one that offered quick and simple access to all the new and trending trips and deals. Simplification of the navigation structure, a built-in search function and a more appealing visual experience for trips and deals were all goals for the website upgrade.

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During our discovery meeting, the teams determined a more simplified and organized user experience was needed as well as an integrated quick search function for customers to easily get where they need to go with minimal clicks. Spiral combined some functionality and simplified the information while also introducing bold user-friendly iconography and illustration.

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We’ve been partnering with Spiral Design for over 10 years and they never cease to amaze me. Their staff is easy to work with and they always seem to make our ideas come to life. I would highly recommend Spiral Design to any business looking to grow
Stephen Tobin
CEO, Yankee Trails