Leet Cyber Security

Don’t fear hackers, learn from them

Leet Cyber Security is a unique leader in their industry. Founded by hackers, their approach to serving clients stems from their ability to identify security threats via real-world scenarios. Our task was to convey Leet’s offensive tactics and methodical principles across a toolkit of marketing materials including a new website, sales packets and sell sheets. Leet’s existing logo — a Samurai mask — along with a strong harmony with the Samurai's “Bushido Code” or “way of the warrior” guided our team in developing a bold and consistent branding that pays homage to the warrior culture across every touchpoint.

Leet needed a simple web solution to quickly promote their services and drive potential customers to get in touch. Spiral developed a dynamic, single-page website that guided users through Leet’s process.

Working closely with Leet’s team, Spiral developed comprehensive sales packets for both potential clients and partners that thoroughly explain Leet’s unique approach to cyber security and the benefits of their threat simulation and vulnerability identification services.

Leet Cyber Security | Client Sales Packet
Leet Cyber Security | wax seals
Leet Cyber Security | Cover Detail
Leet Cyber Security | Client Sales Packet Cover
Leet Cyber Security | Client Sales Packet Spread
Leet Cyber Security | Poster
Leet Cyber Security | Icons

With direction from Leet, Spiral developed a series of core value icons representing “Authenticity,” “No Spoon,” “Revolutionary Candor,” “Harmony” and “Samurai Service.”

Leet Cyber Security | Sell Sheets