Alto Masonry

Laying the groundwork for master masons

A name change and a need for a new brand identity brought Alto Masonry to Spiral. This fresh start presented our team with the challenge of logo design, a new web presence, and a new brand expression. After getting to know the team we built a professional, refined identity that represented the skilled expertise of this team of masons.

Alto Masonry | Logo
Alto Masonry | Knock-out logo
Alto Masonry | outline version of logo mark

Subtle imagery and meaning was worked into each part of the design with the letters ‘A’ and ‘M’ subtly being revealed through the interlocking blocks.

Alto Masonry | Logo Outakes

From there we created branding that sets the company apart from and above the competitors through a simple web design highlighting the details of their services and samples of their work. 

Alto Masonry | Website
Alto Masonry | Services Page
Alto Masonry | Our Expertise
Alto Masonry | Website

The logo has easily translated to multiple forms of communication including trucks, shirts, hats, cards and more.

Alto Masonry | Business Cards
Alto Masonry | contractor working
Alto Masonry | Embroidered Hat
Alto Masonry | Truck with logo
Alto Masonry | T-Shirt