Carver Companies

Integrative solutions on land & sea

Carver Companies started small and grew into a diverse business providing exceptional construction and maritime services and superior materials. With this growth came the need to present their varied business arms under one united umbrella, pulling together multiple and disjointed website presences into one cohesive location.

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Spiral created a website that clearly communicates all that Carver offers, leaving room for future growth if new products and/or services are added. The website is clearly organized by sub-companies within divisions. Our team built in templated company pages allowing each sub-company to have their own landing pages with unique logo, stats, services and imagery

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Carver asked Spiral to develop a coffee table-worthy printed sales book that highlighted the various arms of their business using the stunning photography that their own employees take of their various goings-on. The result is a beautiful and informative takeaway for potential new clients and attendees of the annual Breakbulk Expo.

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