Crisafulli Bros.

Building brand cohesion for Crisafulli's fleet

Crisafulli expanded its services offerings to four district service categories: Home Services, Commercial Services, Mechanical Contracting, and Sheet Metal division. With this expansion came the need for a unifying company logo that reflected these additional services as well as a distinct, but cohesive look for each of the departments.

Crisafulli Bros. | Logo

The Spiral team refreshed this corporate brand, bringing fluidity and movement to the look and feel of the logo’s design while honoring the 80-year history of the company. We integrated a  strong, unified and contemporary monogram to strengthen brand awareness and seamlessly take the company into its next phase of business.

Crisafulli Bros. | one color mark
Crisafulli Bros. | mark with outline
Crisafulli Bros. | Home and Commercial Services Logos
Crisafulli Bros. | Mechanical Contracting and Sheet Metal Division logos

Brand Guidelines

A comprehensive brand guide was developed for Crisafulli’s in-house marketing team to aid in brand consistency when developing new marketing and communication materials.

Crisafulli Bros. | Brand Guidelines

Stationery and marketing materials

Spiral developed a refreshed stationery suite including letterhead, envelope, business card, email signature, and presentation folder designs. Lawn signs were even updated to reflect the new services offered.

Crisafulli Bros. | Stationery
Crisafulli Bros. | Business Cards
Crisafulli Bros. | Pocket Folder Exterior
Crisafulli Bros. | Pocket Folder Interior and Email Signature
Crisafulli Bros. | Lawn Sign
Crisafulli Bros. | Embroidered Patch

Vehicle Wraps

With their previous vehicle wraps advertising only “plumbing and heating,” Crisafulli Bros. needed to update their fleet of vehicles to reflect the business's new expanded service offerings. Having first helped structure and name the different divisions, Spiral designed a cohesive family of vehicle wrap designs spanning each division including sales cars, vans, pickups and box trucks.

Crisafulli Bros. | Home Services Box Truck
Crisafulli Bros. | Vehicle wrap process
Crisafulli Bros. | Service Van Wrap
Crisafulli Bros. | Chevy Trax Vehicle Wrap
Crisafulli Bros. | Sheet Metal Division Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck Wrap
Crisafulli Bros. | Sheet Metal Division Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck Wrap Detail